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---  NEWS  ---  JANUARY 1999  ---  NEWS  ---

31-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: World War 2 Fighters v1.05F [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
  • Added the 1:1 CD-Copy for: Trespasser (PC) - Thanks DDS.
  • Added the No-CD for: Tombraider 3 [ITALIAN] (PC) - Thanks Stefano.
  • Added the MISSION.DAT file for: Settlers 3 [EURO] (PC) - Thanks Lazze/AL Capone.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Fallout 2 [UK] (PC) - Thanks The Mystic.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Caesar 3 [EURO] (PC) - Thanks The Mystic.
CD Protection Update
PSX BackupWorld
Updated the following on the PSX BackupWorld:
  • Added alot of info on the Playstation 2.
  • Added the PSX Hacker patcher for the AMIGA (to patch MediEvil).
  • Added PSX Backup instructions for: CDRWIN, Nero Burning Rom, CD Wizard & DiscJuggler
30-01-99 Patches & Fixes
26-01-99 Patches & Fixes
PSX BackupWorld moved to MegaGames.com
The PSX BackupWorld has been moved to the popular MegaGames site, this way it will get much more exposure.
Don't worry as we will keep managing GameCopyWorld overhere & the PSX BackupWorld at MegaGames!
Balder's Gate WalkThru
Already someone managed to create a very complete Baldur's Gate Walkthru & Strategy Guide.
25-01-99 Patches & Fixes
24-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • The Fixed EXE for: Speedbusters [FRENCH] (PC) also works for the GERMAN & DUTCH/SPANISH/ITALIAN/SWEDISH version - Thanks Foley, DreamMasterJ, Chicken & Dice!
  • Added the No-CD for: Populous: The Beginning v1.01 [ALL VERSIONS] (PC) - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
  • Added the No-CD for: Thief: The Dark Project (PC) - Thanks Batman _UCT!
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Falcon 4 (PC) - Thanks Maniac.
  • Added the Final No-CD for: Delta Force v1.1 (PC) - Thanks LOP & John.
PSX BackupWorld Online!
It has been a bit quiet on the PSX part of this site. This has been changed as we created a complete new site: PSX BackupWorld

We will try to make the PSX BackupWorld as good as the GameCopyWorld already is but we can always need your help to accomplise that! So if you have Backup Instructions of recent games or have interesting PSX related hard- or software info please send them to me.

CD Protections
Added another CD Protections: DiscGuard, The Copy-Protected CD & The Bongle
23-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Asghan [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Fred Feuerstein.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Speedbusters [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks Carlos Pirate.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Moto Racer 2 [EURO] (PC) - Thanks Belceb�.
  • Added CD-Info/No-CD/CD-Copy for: Anno 1602 [SPANISH] (PC) - Thanks El Tostador.
21-01-99 Laxity Online again!
The Laxity site is online again! - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
Added the GERMAN instructions for: Commandos & Deathtrap Dungeon (PC) - Thanks ErAzEr!
19-01-99 Patches & Fixes
Added the GERMAN instructions for: Generic SecuROM (PC) - Thanks ErAzEr!
Added the GERMAN instructions for: Delta Force, DethKarz, Dune 2000 & European Air War (PC) - Thanks Lightning!
18-01-99 Patches & Fixes
Added the GERMAN instructions for: Colin McRae Rally, Anno 1602 & Wargasm (PC) - Thanks Lightning!!
CD Protections
Major update of  the CD Protections page, it now contains everything you need to know, including possible solutions to by-pass the CD protections.

Added additional info on the CD-Cops CD Protections - Thanks PPeter (The Hungarian Guru of CD's)

17-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Grand Prix Legends [ITALIAN] (PC) - Thanks Alex Voyager.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Kings Quest 8 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Gefreiter Farbian.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Big Race USA [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Gefreiter Farbian.
CD Protections
Added the VOB ProtectCD & Link Data CD-Cops CD Protections.
16-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Trainer for: Baldur's Gate +11 (PC).
  • Added the No-CD for: Half-Life v1.0.0.8 [US] (PC) - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
  • Added the Executable for: Rainbow Six v1.04 [US/ALL VERSIONS] (PC)  - Thanks RAMiREZ / NAPLES!
15-01-99 It's alive Again!!!

We are online once again, thanks to GraphxRus who is now also hosting the GameCopyWorld.

GraphxRus offers the following services: Free Webhosting, Custom Graphics, Custom Videos, Banner Exchange & CGI Services

Thanks to everyone who send me e-mail the last week!

NameChange to: GameCopyWorld
As you may have noticed we have changed our name to:  GameCopyWorld
This was done because there are so many "Zone" sites already online and we wanted something a bit more original!
14-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Gangsters v1.1 [US/ENGLISH/GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
  • Added the CD-Info for: Baldur's Gate v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC).
German Support
Added additional pages in the GERMAN language, for now only a few: Dark Vengeance (PC), Gangsters (PC) & Moto Racer 2 (PC) are added but more will follow after the weekend!

Other languages will also be added when there are people wanting to translate!

Ubi Soft to Use Macrovision's Copy Protection
Added the Macrovision SafeDisc CD Protection, they seem to be licensing this protection together with �-Dilla! - Thanks MrWhite!

Macrovision Corporation has announced today that Ubi Soft Entertainment, a publisher and international distributor of interactive entertainment products, has signed an agreement to use Macrovision's SafeDisc PC CD-ROM copy protection technology on all of its titles through 1999.

More info on the CD Protection page!

12-01-99 Server Problems

It seems that our luck ran out......
There are no fully operational GameCopyZone Mirrors anymore because of too much traffic. We tried to have as many Mirrors as possible to reduce the traffic but still too much was going to one server.
So for now there won't be a GameCopyZone until we have a Fast & Stable server.
If anyone knows a Host-Provider, with a FAST connection and at least 50 Mb, who is willing to host this site then please contact
me. (it won't have to be for free!)

11-01-99 Patches & Fixes
Mirror Site
At the moment we have another Mirror site online: cdr.stuetzpunkt.de

Stuetzpunkt supplies Web-Hosting:  10 Mb + E-Mail Address + Virtual DomainName for DM 35,- per month.

10-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the update for: X-Brain 2.3.951 R1 Universal Patcher (PC) - Thanks Huckleberry Hawk.
CD Protections
Added a new page on CD Protections. This holds all known CD Protections on the market today. If you have additional info please let me know!
Newbee Hints Page
Added the NewBee Hints page to give some answers to questions that are usually emailed.
Sending E-Mail
Still alot of e-mail is send with totally useless information, here are a few examples of the last 3 weeks:
  • The gangster patch doesn't work
  • Der link zum Gamecrack Oddworld Abe's Exoddus schl�gt fehl!
  • You've got at least in Your Tomb Raider III file the CIH- virus
  • X-Brain has a VIRUS Inside !!!
  • the gangster uk patch is saying its not a valid msdos application
  • kun je mij een email sturen hoe je een copy kan maken van tombraider 3
  • if i use anno 1602 with the patch and want to install anno 1602 mission cd the installation fails. what can i do?
  • Can you help me to find Nero? I need to oversize a Cd of 74min.
  • ou trouver le crack pour copy cd de "la guertre des mondes"
  • ya un bleme dans le crack franch de fallout 2
  • Per WLS99 Mark Owen esiste un crack?

If you want to send E-Mail then FIRST read the Game Related E-Mail page before sending it.

09-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks Nic.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Anno 1602 [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks Nic.
  • Added another CD-Copy for: Powerslide [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Berni.
  • Added the updated CD-Copy for: Gangsters [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Sandman/DLR.
BlindRead Tool
BlindRead is a VERY handy tool which will enable copying of "unreadable" files (like the ones in Settlers 3, Grim Fandango, Rogue Squadron & Star Wars: Behind the Magic). The copied files will have the same size/date as the original files, it supports multiple distinct bad sectors witin one file and it is MUCH faster then trying to read the bad sectors for a few hours! The tool is in French but the archive also includes an English manual - Thanks Bidouill.
07-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • The Generic SecuROM v1.1 Patch also works for: Wargasm [GERMAN] - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
05-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD/Network Play Fix for: Carmageddon 2 v1.0 (PC) - Thanks Lyndon.
04-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Blood Patch for: Heretic 2 v1.0 & v1.01 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Animalo/Laxity!
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Grim Fandango [BENELUX] (PC) - Thanks Majohacker!
FTP/Mirror Site
We are still looking for a possible FTP or Mirror Web site, offers are welcome!
03-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Install Info for: European Air War v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Alex.
  • Added the No-CD for: Apache - Havoc v1.0 [UK] (PC) - Thanks Sandman/DLR!
02-01-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the update for: X-Brain 2.2.933 Universal Patcher (PC) - Thanks Carsten.
  • Added the No-CD for: Delta Force v1.1 [US] (PC) - Thanks Olaf.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Dark Vengeance v1.00 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks TWB.
  • Added the No-CD for: Gangsters [UK/GERMAN] (PC).
01-01-99 Patches & Fixes
Best Wishes for 1999
Happy New Year !!! - We wish you all the best for 1999!
26-12-98 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed CD-Copy for: Gangsters [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Sandman/DLR!
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Heretic 2 [UK/US] (PC) - Thanks The Mystic.
  • Added the No-CD for: NBA Live 99 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Batman/UCT2000.
  • Added the No-CD for: European Air War v1.0 (PC) - Thanks Rom#1 from TBG.
  • Added the CD-Info/CD-Copy for: Moto Racer 2 [SPANISH] (PC) - Thanks El Tostador.
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